Palace Marina Dinevi Hotel – Summer 2023

In a desire to offer the guests a first-class experience, the boutique hotel “Palace” welcomes Summer 2023 with a completely renewed vision and interior.

Today, “boutique” refers to those moments made with a lot of love, special attitude and attention to every detail. This is the formula for success of the Palace Hotel, which successfully balances between quality and price.

We set a goal to change the trivial interpretation of service and care and focused on the little details. We believe that they provoke the guests and turn their stay into a memorable pleasure. The completely new carpets and wallpapers in the hotel create color and dynamics of colors, textures and shapes. Sleep is the most important element for a complete rest, so we found the best solutions. A step in this direction are the new generation of double-sided mattresses, which have a 3-breathable strap and are extremely comfortable. The choice of pillows is an additional extra to ensure the mood and good tone of your guests throughout the day.

In order to illustrate the wide range of little pleasures, we will add a chocolate compliment every evening, high-quality English cosmetics ADA with a floral component, an updated assortment of the mini-bar, and Turn down Service. Last but not least, we will offer an amazing feeling gathered in a cup of delicious and aromatic coffee. Each room has an Italian coffee machine with coffee capsules, a must for a pleasant start of the day. From the endless golden beaches to the romantic sunsets, from the exquisite cuisine to the pleasure of the senses, from the opportunity to be special guests and to feel safe at home – include the Palace Hotel in your summer schedule to have a safe and unforgettable summer!


Best wishes,

Palace Marina Dinevi Hotel